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Our Nuclear & Radon Services

Jarvis Nuclear provide pragmatic, cost-effective advice on Radon risk, measurement and strategies. This advice is provided by a certified Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA).  We can assist clients through the entire process: understanding the legal requirement for Radon testing.  Radiation protection advice is also available, along with Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) training courses for various sectors.

Radon for Homes

Radon for Homes

Are you seeking advice and means to measure Radon levels in your home? Radon detectors can be provided, before sending results to a UK accredited laboratory.
Radon for Schools & Businesses

Radon for Schools & Businesses

We can help with Radon advice for schools & businesses, guiding you through the risk assessment process & helping to ensure that all regulations are adhered to.
Radiological Protection

Radiological Protection

Our Radiation Protection Advisor will confirm whether you are compliant with the Ionising Radiation Regulations, and assist you with Radiological Protection.
Nuclear Safety Support

Nuclear Safety Support

We offer advice & consultancy for Nuclear Safety Case Production, and reviews all aspects of the Nuclear life-cycle from preliminary design, to decomissioning.
RPS Training Courses

RPS Training Courses

Jarvis Nuclear develop & deliver cost-effective, bespoke training to clients in Cornwall & Devon, with courses for radon, veterinary, schools & colleges.


A selection of Jarvis Nuclear’s past projects, incl. services rendered to nuclear licensees, a veterinary practice, schools & colleges, a museum, & more.


What is Radon, and why would I need a survey?

Radon is a colourless, odourless, radioactive gas. It is present in most homes and businesses. If you are selling a house in a radon affected area, your buyers will now ask for a Radon survey.  If you are an employer, your risk assessments should include Radon.

Who needs a Radiation Protection Advisor?

A Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) must be consulted if employers conduct activities that involve working with Ionising Radiation. Schedule four of the Ionising Radiations Regulations provides further details of when an RPA needs to be consulted.

What training do you provide?

We offer Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) training, and general Radiation Awareness training. This helps to ensure that employers are compliant with regulations.  Options are available for sectors such as Radon, veterinary practices, schools & colleges.

Need Radiation Protection Advice or Radon Services in Cornwall or Devon?

Radon Services in Cornwall & Devon

I am Dr. Paul Jarvis, the Director of Jarvis Nuclear.  During my career, I have had 20 years+ of experience in Health Physics, Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety.  This experience has been gained on Nuclear licenced sites, in defence and Nuclear Power, plus during consultancy work for smaller organisations in the UK and overseas.

Jarvis Nuclear have been providing Radon and RPA Services since 2017.  Our company offers practical, tailored Radon, Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Support Services.  We can also offer you RPS courses, and can tailor these to your specific requirements.  We support various organisations, homeowners & buyers, plus schools and colleges with the measurement of Radon levels, and any subsequent advice to ensure risk is minimised.

Radon - Dr Paul - Jarvis Nuclear

What Is Radon and Where Does It Come From?

Radon is a colourless, odourless, radioactive gas, and is naturally created during the radioactive decay of Uranium, present in soil and rocks.  You cannot taste it – however, it can sometimes be detected in water.  Radon is present in varying concentrations in homes and workplaces, and according to the World Health Organisation, is the second largest cause of lung cancer.

Every building contains Radon at some level, however, higher concentrations are often prevalent when windows are closed and heating is on.  If an area has >1% probability of a property exceeding the Action Level, it is deemed a Radon Affected Area.  Radon concentration is measured in terms of becquerels per metre cubed. The becquerel is a unit of radioactivity and is equivalent to the number of decays per second.

Radon - Periodic Table - Jarvis Nuclear

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We are always grateful to receive feedback about our services, from previous and existing clients.  If you have utilised our Nuclear Safety or Radon Services in Cornwall or Devon, or have attended one of our courses please feel free to leave us a Google review.



J. Naismith

I have worked with Paul on a number of projects in recent years. He is reliable, meticulous and an expert in his field.  Highly recommended.


Nuclear Safety Support

J. Peard

Jarvis Nuclear has supported our the business for a number of years. We are very pleased with the quality of work undertaken, timely delivery and the attention to detail. A very professional, highly qualified organisation undertaking safety critical assessments. Thoroughly recommended.


Radiation Protection Advisor

C. Bradley

Paul is a highly experienced and capable RPA. We found him very easy to get on with and responsive to our enquires.

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